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Immersive and interactive training in AR, MR, VR, and 3D environments


Simulators have seen widespread use in the aviation and military markets for decades, providing risk-free operational experience through simulated exercises. Now, this training is being made available and affordable by Digital Twin Studios to industries such as oil & gas and offshore.

By leveraging the internet, learning management systems, and video game technology, Digital Twin Studios can reduce your cost of training and mentoring employees while increasing the effectiveness of skills and knowledge transfer.

With Digital Twin's gamified simulation training, hazardous situations can be recreated without incorrect decisions leading to possibly catastrophic consequences. Errors and mistakes are made in the simulation without real-life consequences, but with valuable experience gained.

Retention Rate of Simulated Experience vs Traditional Methods

Traditional training achieves 10-50% information retention rates where DTS learning experiences can achieve up to 90% information retention, which maximizes each learning investment.

Audio/Visual Presentation
Personal Observation
Actual/Simulated Experience

Digital Twin Studios Immersive Learning Environments

Accelerate Training Completion Times

Three-dimensional learning experiences free the training from time intensive two-dimensional descriptions and shorten time to completion.  

Increase Information Retention and Competency

VR experiences increase learner attention levels by restricting environmental distractions to achieve up to 90% information retention and improved learner competencies.  

Reduce Anxiety and Enhance Safety

Learners can experience hazardous and stressful situations in safe virtual environments, which later allows the brain to reduce fear levels and recall training procedures in actual settings.  

Enables Multi-user Training

Trainers can communicate with multiple learners simultaneously in numerous settings and devices configurations from anywhere in the world.  

Afford Customized Data Reporting

Records of learner login, training durations, objective proficiencies and assessment performance are a click a way in user friendly interfaces.

Provide Justifiable Cost-Benefit

Virtual training delivered online consolidates direct/indirect training expenditures including infrastructure, travel and instructor costs, while enhancing efficient delivery and proficiency goals.

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