Learning Development Designed to Scale

DTS develops immersive and interactive software for PC, AR/VR, and mobile experiences.

Industry Forward Solutions

Energy & Manufacturing

We began as a brick & mortar safety training company are now a valued software development partner providing learning solutions across the sector.


DTS is a partner in a cohort of successful military contractors and a longterm vendor to state department of health programs sanctioned by the federal government.

Hospitality & Entertainment
Hospitality & Entertainment

Our hospitality training and tourism solutions are embraced by global brands across the sector, as we expand our visual effects production services.

Next Generation Technology & Talent

Design, Development & Distribution

In concert with our partners, we are committed to providing the most effective and cost-efficient solutions to deliver best-in-class technologies.

Unity VAR/CCN I MetaQuest ISV I Innoactive/Arbor/C3D Arbor XR Case Study
The Future of Work & Professional Development

We actively participate in workforce development initiatives that facilitate industry standard training opportunities for the next generation of creators

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Business Development & Partnerships

We embrace opportunities to work with clients and partners committed to solving immediate challenges via scalable solutions.

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